Is your platform really free?

Yes. Our platform is completely free to use. We are music producers ourselves and we understand how hard it is to get your music heard by the right audience. We are passionate about helping musicians and want to build a large community of subscribers and social followers to join our cause. *Transparency - To keep our service free we run a small number of music related ads throughout our site, our social channels and within our email campaigns.

Will i get more streams?

While we hope that you do get more streams this is not a "Get more streams on xxxxx" service. We do not guarantee streams or followers. Our platform exists to help promote your music to platforms and people that want to discover new artists so that you can grow your streams and followers organically.

How will i know if I'm accepted?

Whilst we accept all submissions in all genres by musicians with mixed abilities It is left up to our list of industry professionals to decide whether they want to include your music within their platforms. If they want to feature your music then we will contact you by email to discuss how to move things forward. *Please note - We are GDPR compliant and we do not share your email address or personal details with anyone.

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