When Should I Mail My Ballot?

If you have already received your mail-in ballot, please complete it and submit it in now. Do not wait til the posted deadline of Election Day!

I Don't Understand One of the Ballot Questions

Plain-language details about the ballot questions for Philly voters are here.

How Do I Complete My Mail-In Ballot?

A video showing you how to complete your mail-in ballot is here.

I Have More Questions...

The Inquirer has a helpful guide with frequently asked questions here.

Where Are Satellite Offices?

A list of Philadelphia satellite offices for safely and securely dropping off your ballot is here.

I Applied But Haven't Received My Ballot Yet

If you have already applied for a ballot but have not yet received it, you can track its status here, or call the Philadelphia Commissioners Office at: 215-686-3469.

How Do I Apply For A Ballot?

If you have not yet applied for a mail-in ballot, please do so now! The on-line application is here. We recommend completing the application this week so there is no delay. Alternatively, visit one of the satellite offices in Philadelphia county, where you can register to vote, register for a ballot, receive the ballot, and vote your ballot, all in one visit.