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GOTV Activities

There are many ways congregations can engage their members in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities. Review the list below for ideas and make sure to follow the "do’s and don’ts" of political participation for 501c3 faith organizations. 

Plan one or many of these

GOTV activities: 

  • Host non-partisan voter registration drives

  • Host “get-out-the-vote” events, encouraging members to vote. This could be virtual, online, or drive-thru in cars in your parking lot. 

  • Recruit poll workers. Have members sign-up here and someone from the City or State will contact them. 

  • Distribute non-partisan voter education information. This can be done before or after services, or at other church functions and events. 

  • Educate church members on legislative and political matters. Host classes and virtual meet-ups to discuss. 

  • Discuss doctrine as it applies to politics, legislative matters, or candidate positions.

  • Introduce political candidates and allow them to address the congregation as long as all candidates seeking the same office are given an equal opportunity to participate, and the church does not express support or opposition for any particular candidate(s).

  • Host candidate forums where all candidates are invited to speak

  • Lobby on behalf of a specific policy. 

  • Support or oppose political appointments (such as judges or cabinet officials).

  • Ask members to sign petitions regarding legislation or other issues. Visit to get started.


Avoid these activities, which go against the rules of 501c3 status:

  • Endorse, support, or campaign for candidates for elected office in the name of the church.

  • Contribute money or make “in-kind” contributions, (such as food, resources, or services), to a candidate, political party or political action committee.

  • Distribute materials that endorse a particular candidate or political party.

  • Allow candidates to solicit funds from the congregation

  • Create a church political committee that would do any of the above.

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