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How to Vote

It is now easier than ever to vote in Pennsylvania with many options such as Vote By Mail, Satellite Offices, and of course voting in person. There are also new rules, dates, and regulations to pay close attention to. Use these resources to make sure your congregants and faith communities have everything they need to vote securely and safely. 

Register to Vote 
Registering to vote is the first step in democracy!

Take Action 
Get your community registered!

Voting By Mail 
Voting by mail is new to Pennsylvania this year and offers a safe alternative for those who cannot make it to the polls or simply wish to vote from home. The deadline dates for voting by mail continue to change so always confirm that you are sharing the most up-to-date information and encourage everyone to apply and submit as early as possible to avoid mail delays.


Take Action 
Make sure older residents or anyone who has a health risk (especially due to COVID-19) knows they have the option to vote by mail. Talk to people about why voting by mail is safe and secure.


Voting At A Satellite Office 
Philadelphia will continue to open Satellite Voting Offices where you’ll be able to register, request a ballot, fill it out and securely return it all in one visit. Think of these as “one-stop shops.” Keep checking back for more locations as they roll-out.

Take Action 
Organize a field trip to your closest satellite voting office. Provide rides to your members or coordinate a group walk to make sure everyone’s vote is counted and voice is heard.

Voting In Person 
Of course, voting in person is still an option. Please make sure to encourage your congregation to practice social distancing when voting in person, and to confirm their polling place before they go.


Take Action 
Recruit poll workers! Does your congregation have healthy men and women who are willing to work? Working the polls on election day is a rewarding experience that will serve hundreds of people in your community. Philadelphia needs poll workers to ensure a safe and secure election day. Share the link below to recruit.

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